My work is about performance, cultural identity, femininity, visual pop culture and politics; often evoking elements that triggers questions about social statements and stereotypes. Currently, my major interest has been the relationship human/technology, especially the social aspects of cyber-culture: Social media, computer mediated communication, interactivity, among others.
My practice includes photography, film, performance and digital/physical installations.
Yole Quintero was born in Caracas, Venezuela.

   - BA (Hons) Photography. First-Class Honour, 2016. London College of Communication. London, UK.
   - Bsc. System Engineering. Second-Class Honour, 2007. Universidad Santa María, Caracas, Venezuela.

   - SELF. ‘You are going to be HUGE´. Fringe Arts Bath. Bath, UK. May 2019.
   - Political Bodies. A Consensual Hallucination. Galleria Carvour. Padova, Italy. Feb 2019
   - Hooked: 'Me.You.Limbo'. Science Gallery, London. Opening in September 2018.
   - Living in Hyperreality: A Consensual Hallucination. Fringe Arts Bath. 25th May 2018 - 11th June 2018.
   - 40 Months/in Exile. 40 Months - Book presentation with Timothy Percival. London. December 2017.
   - AiR 2017 - Final Show. Ritual Virtuality. I'm (pretending that I am) Okay. Bright Scapes. 40 Months. The Muse Gallery. July 2017.
   - Open House Art. 40 Months - Book Presentation. Encounters Art Space. May 2017.
   - 40 Months (40 Meses). Libreria Khalatos, Caracas. May 2017.
   - AiR 2017 - Winter Show. Chavez Nuestro. Miss Patria. The Muse Gallery. January 2017.
   - Summer show. A Consensual Hallucination. The Muse Gallery. Private view 14th July 2016.
   - 90 Degrees. A Consensual Hallucination. London College of Communication. 26th May 2016.
   - Deep Trash Italia – Not for sale. “Chavez Nuestro” Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. 29 November 2014.
   - “Una foto x día x 28 días”. Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía. Caracas, Venezuela. 12th Nov 2014.
   - All the Fun of the Fair. Vademecum. A-side B-side Gallery, London. 16th – 20th Oct 2014.
   - The Independant Art Fair. Miss Patria. The Rag Factory, London. 15th oct – 19 oct 2014.
   - Deep Trash Italia Eurosex Edition – Ultra Regina. Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. 30th Aug 2014.

   - “La opresión en la Sociedad Venezolana”. Global Voices en Español. (Link in Spanish)

   - IGTakeover: @womeninphoto
   - Regular collaborator at CUNTemporary
   - Regular collaborator at AlmaMag Magazine

   - “#UnaFotoxDiax28Dias – RMTF”. 2014. Honourable mention.
   - “3er concurso de fotografía Alianza Francesa – Caracas”. Muchupu. 2009. Honourable mention.

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